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16 Thing People In DC Dont Understand About Baltimore


DC and Baltimore are only 30 miles apart, but the two cities couldn’t be more different. In fact, Washingtonians often regard Baltimore as that strange younger step-sibling with some odd habits and a violent streak. And we Baltimoreans think of DC as the pretentious sibling we would rather not keep in touch with. So, to clear up any confusion between the two, here are 16 things people in DC don’t quite get about Baltimore:

1. Not everywhere is like an episode of The Wire
Let’s get this one out of the way: contrary to popular belief, you won’t step off the MARC Train and immediately get mugged. Baltimore has its rough areas, sure, but what city doesn’t? (Stares daggers at DC.)

2. No one cares about where you work
Without fail, this is the first question you’re asked in DC (followed by confusion/shocked fascination if that job doesn’t somehow pertain to the government). In Baltimore, the first question will most likely be, “Where did you go to high school?”.

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