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Buy Baltimore HUD Foreclosures CHEAPER

How to Buy HUD Foreclosures CHEAPER


Here’s what you will learn on the webinar:
– The EXACT blueprint on how we’re buying over 40 HUD Foreclosures in 2015
– PROOF that this business is 100% automated for me and you
– How HUD will give you bigger discounts (On the same homes) than your competition
– How we strategically big on HUD Homes (Better takes notes)
– What name you should be bidding in to win more bids
– The formula to know what HUD will Accept on EVERY home
– What % to bid on 2,3,4+ bedroom homes (They’re all different)
– What to do with an accepted offer to make $5,000-$40,000 on EVERY Deal
– The Blueprint to Presell EVERY HUD homes you get under contract
– What you can do and cannot do when dealing with HUD Foreclosures

Block out 2 FULL Hours for John to share with you this blueprint. It will rock your
world… If you think Systems Saturday’s are good.. You haven’t seen anything until
you watch him on a full webinar

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