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Deanna’s Playhouse shutters to bank foreclosure


Deanna’s Playhouse shutters to bank foreclosure after losing $1.2 conceden millones, HOLANDA, MI – Four-year-old Alivia AIACS entrado en la oficina de Deanna DePree el jueves, holding a drawing she had just created.

“This is Alivia, and this is Miss Deanna. We’re eating cookies together,” said Alivia, who lives in Zeeland, while pointing to the drawing, which included the words “I will miss you.”

Alivia and her 2-year-old sister, Leah, came with their mother, Laurie, one final time to Deanna’s Playhouse, a 15,000-square-foot supervised play area that closed its doors on June 19 after its operator, Life Services System of Ottawa County, could not find an investor to keep it open.

“She was so sad,” Laurie Schnakenberg said. “This is a gem of a resource. We will miss this place dearly.”

Schnakenberg credits Deanna’s Playhouse and LSS for helping her gain skills to be a better parent and for helping her children learn to interact with other kids.

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