MWC 2014

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World of Tanks remolque refinado

World of Tanks Refined Trailer

World of Tanks remolque refinado, We will soon be producing a new video series about game development. In these videos you will see what our developers do and what changes await our players. Changes like: enriched graphics, realistic vehicle behavior, and improvements to the game’s physics engine. También, our Developer Diaries will discuss what our […]

Conferencia de prensa móvil Sony, Mobile World Congress 2014

Sony Mobile Press Conference, Mobile World Congress 2014

Conferencia de prensa móvil Sony, No sleep, barely passable Spanish, and a bag full of spare batteries, chargers and Red Bull. Mobile World Congress is here. The Barcelona-based event is rapidly becoming one of the most important events in the tech calendar. It’s been a launchpad for generations of flagship smartphones from the likes of Sony, […]