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Gregory Cain’s wife had just given birth to their third child when he got laid off from his six-figure IT job.

The family moved here for the job before the recession hit, so they didn’t have family and friends around. Still, Cain was optimistic about landing a new position.

But weeks and months passed, and the phone just wasn’t ringing. Soon they were in danger of losing their home.

“We’re talking late at night and trying to decide when we tell our kids what might happen,” Cain said. “We were within days of having to pack up and go.

“Children can sense these things. They wonder what’s going on. It was really tough.”

Many Alabamians found themselves in Cain’s situation earlier this year. The number of foreclosure notices statewide spiked 66 percent in February after declining for most of the previous year, according to data company RealtyTrac.

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