• The right has done an effective job in cajoling and shaming liberals and
    moderates into being afraid of being seen as biased and non-objective.
    Colbert hit the nail on the head that facts have a liberal bias and so the
    mainstream media having been brow-beaten by the Right is afraid to state
    the facts.

    Look what happened recently with CNN bowing to such pressure over the
    criteria of school shootings. They were worried that people who normally
    believe CNN are the bastion of liberal communist journalism will think CNN
    is biased.

    You can also see this on the “local” level in comment sections on youtube,
    blogs, news sites. You’ll see fake fans claiming they are unsubbing over an
    article they see as liberal propaganda generally a story on guns, racism,
    feminism. Either that or they’ll threaten to unsub and complain about the
    content. They are trying to create a sense of consensus and make people
    afraid of losing viewers/reader so they’ll dilute their content to suit the
    fake fan complainers. You can these comments on just about every TYT video
    especially the ones on guns and racism.

    I saw such an unsubbing comment on a friend’s video recently. He has
    hundreds of videos on Japan and did one video about guns and the Santa
    Barbara shooting and this guy posts to say he’s unsubbing because suddenly
    the channel has become a liberal propaganda outlet. It just shows this
    trend or tactic is growing.

  • I was a little too high to understand what was going on but it sounded

  • What’s Petreaus ? Non-english speaking person here.

  • Just think of how single-mindedly obsessed these libtards are with money
    and who’s paying who. They can’t see anything else, and they would take it
    the moment they would get it for themselves.

  • Ben needs to calm his ass down…lol

  • How do we fix this mess?

  • Believe & Achieve

    (June 23, 2014 - 8:32 pm)

    The media is toothless and has been for a while. Anyone who wants to ask
    hard-hitting questions gets fired, or encouraged to quit..just look at Cenk
    at NBC. So, any reporter knows what to ask and what not to..if they want to
    stay employed.

  • Nathan Callidor

    (June 23, 2014 - 9:01 pm)

    McCain is a senile old war criminal that has no place being allowed outside
    of an old folks home, let alone in the government.

  • McCain is a liberal.

  • If TYT and all of you are new to this then you all are nothing but blind
    folks. Conspiracy theorist have been saying this for years. You have to be
    fucking fools if you don’t think these folks in the media don’t know what’s
    truly going on. The shit is WAY deeper than that bit only fools have to
    wait to see proof when the proof is all around. So fucking dumb.

  • Just like 90% of America wanted sensible gun laws and that didn’t pass!

  • The last few days TYT was eager to report that Megyn Kelly and Glenn Beck
    were on their side…now they’re back to the “Fox News is bought and paid
    for” gimmick. Pathetic willingness to put forth contradictions without any
    obligation to explain.

  • This why they won’t let TYT on mainstream tv, because they are too right.
    And how dare they believe in Accountability! Communist!! lol 

  • Jimmy Dore on the money, as usual.

  • Hawk is very cool animal to call these pathetic, shriveled SoBs war hawks.
    There’s a reason for existence of a term war pigs.

  • Be a real journalist for a very short carreer (as you will get blacklisted
    by anyone of importance in politics), or go with the bullshit of political
    reporting and do so for a longer time. It’s not too hard to understand why
    people are not willing to be a martyr for the greater good. Not many people
    have that level of character. They’re human.

  • You want real unbiased news? Get it yourself, research every fact collect
    all the raw data you can and then…go back and do it against because when
    you think you have the full picture you never have more than half of it.
    Repeat as needed. Add logic, stir, cook WELL on the flames of open minded
    criticism and analysis.

  • Fact SCenk did you hear that the Lois Lerner emails were lost in a hard
    drive crash. Let’s see what TYT has said about this and the Obama
    Administration. You presently have the crickets reporting on this. Ask
    Captain Obvious what he thinks.

    So why should anyone believe anything from TYT???

  • A politician lying is news?

  • They love McCain. He was left of Bush and gave them Obama (was too nice to

  • Before your get your press badge you have to see a surgeon and have your
    balls removed

  • These are the four guys that I like to see report a story

  • Criticism is liberal. Criticism is the only known antidote to error
    (CITOKATE – David Brin). Journalists no longer criticize public officials
    – they don’t roast them when their thinking is in error or when they move
    against the intentions of the American people – they don’t pound them for
    days on the air for doing and saying something demonstratedly FUBAR.
    Alleged-journalists we see on the big news outlets know which side of
    their bread is buttered, and doing their job is the surest way to end up

  • Hot Mic At White House Proves Reporters Are Deep …:

  • Asking John McCain about foreign policy is like asking Jabba the Hutt
    advice on weight-loss. And the only question any reporter should be asking
    Dick Cheney is “why aren’t you in jail?” Nobody should be interviewing
    either of these criminals unless they’re profusely apologizing to the
    American people.

  • It about access, If you tell truth good look get any republican or Most
    democrats, to interviews. 

  • Ive been saying this for years… theres no such thing as the liberal
    media. Its more of a right wing media than anythig else.

  • Ben went HAM

  • Fucking media puppets! Bunch of scared little bitches!

  • “DIVERSITY” means chasing down the LAST White person. It’s GENOCIDE.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.


  • why the fuck is the dude next to chuck tod in costume. maybe he is a
    doctor, he doesn’t need to go running around in scrubs.

  • omfggg!! Ben makes every video suck! either he get’s overly emotional on
    moderate stories or he tries to make stupid ass weak jokes during serious

  • Sadly they’re smart enough to know politicians are full of shit, but
    present that shit on a platter to their viewers.

  • Looks like the US could do with Jeremy Paxman for a week.

  • What media in the USA is the most reliable? 

  • White house correspondent caught red handed being reasonable. Quite a

  • Kamrouz Ranjbar

    (June 24, 2014 - 3:55 am)

    Ben, Rueben and Gina are a disgrace to the Jewish community to side with an
    islamic movement like TYT. 

  • This is proof of the corruption of the lamestream libturd media! They are
    in bed with the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians of DC! We need Sarah
    Palin as our next president so she can completely PALINIZE and clean up our
    lamestream libturd media!

  • i stopped the video after the jew started freaking out, i had no idea what
    was going on.

  • TYT are so gd ignorant! Bush/Cheney were wrong all along w/r to Iraq
    according to the experienced warriors John Boy and Benji, which leaves us
    to ponder why VP Joe Biden was so happy with the situation in Iraq that in
    2010 he said that Iraq will turn out to be the crowning achievement of the
    OBAMA administration. Iraq was a success until Obama screwed it all up.
    Obviously TYT being progressive dorks will cover for this hapless inept

    listening to these guys brings to mind the words, “delusional liberals”

  • If it’s a Republican war, liberals lose it. If it’s a Democrat war, they
    justify it.

  • Melissa Vasquez

    (June 24, 2014 - 5:11 am)

    TYT will never criticize Obamacare or anything else that goes against their
    Progressive agenda, only when the administration is doing that they don’t

  • I quit watching politics for years because of this. Now I watch constantly.
    It is so bad that the right wing will destroy this country just to not
    agree with the left has me attempting to find a country to expatriate too.

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