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Show Me Real Estate discusses traditional real state sales vs auctions


Show-Me Real Estate discusses traditional real state sales vs. auctions, When you hear of a property going to auction, do you immediately assume that the property is in the hands of a bank or a foreclosure company attempting to recover money lost on a transaction? Many people, especially those who lived through the 1980s when farming was struggling and land values crashed, assume a property, whether it is land or residential real estate, that is going to auction is doing so to recover losses.

Auctioning real estate is a growing trend. Clients interested in selling real estate are quickly figuring out that auctioning real estate is a completely viable option, and not just an option to quickly recoup loss.

There can be tremendous value in auctioning real estate that a traditional real estate transaction does not offer, according to Dirk Talley, broker of Show-Me Real Estate and owner of Talley and Associates Auction Services.

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