YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House


YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House, President Obama drops by a meeting with YouTube personalities to learn about how they’re using YouTube to connect with an audience of millions of people and to discuss why it’s important for young people to visit and learn more.

38 thoughts on “YouTube Stars Talk Health Care at the White House

  1. A few weeks ago, +The White House invited some +YouTube stars to come by
    and talk about how to get young people insured. Here’s what happened.

    Nice work +Kori Schulman and +Ben Relles 

  2. If you fuckers at BP or any other YouTube personality push this fucking
    ObozoCare I will unsubscribed you and encourage everyone I know to do the


  3. It’s sad that they need to get popular personalities to promote something
    EVERYONE should be ecstatic about – healthcare. Pretty much every developed
    nation save America has central healthcare in one form or another, and I
    simply cannot understand why so many Americans hate it.

  4. Many might not agree because i’m English and don’t follow politics that
    closely but Obama is doing the right thing, and don’t take this to offense
    but their is such a closed minded part of america that are still against
    blacks that what ever the president says their just going to disagree with

  5. We have health care in Germany. Everyone does and it’s really helpful. This
    isn’t propaganda by any chance. I feel like some people simply disagree
    with him for the sake of disagreeing. Grow up. 

  6. Obama has taken using children’s idle worship to a new low. Now he is
    using You Tube “stars” that children see as role models to promote a
    program that has stolen their right to decide what to purchase, and more
    importantly, what not to purchase.

    It would be like getting the muppets and Captain Kangaroo to talk directly
    to children and tell them communism is bad. Let’s make a My Little Pony
    episode that shows how Obama defeated the evil Conservatives, and make sure
    you call Obama a “Progressive” instead of a “Socialist”.

    It’s shameful.
    And these youtube stars…..should be ashamed as well.
    But I’m certain that now that they have been accepted by none other that
    the dufus in chief, they feel important and that elitist feeling is now
    going to make them want more and more of the feeling, so of course, they
    will start towing the Obama line, making more pro-obama videos. People who
    once were somewhat unbiased will become extreme. We shall see which ones
    become start struck followers and which ones keep to their roots.

  7. I don’t need insurance I’m young and I’m gonna live forever!!! *5 hours
    Oh god, I broke my leg…you have no idea how much the emergency room
    charged me!!! WHY!? Where was Obama when I needed him!!! Why didn’t he tell
    me to get insurance?!

  8. So amazing to see so many of my YouTube role models meet with another one
    of my role models, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. This is so great!

  9. This is actually really interesting because I’m not covered because I’m a
    contractor as well as a YouTuber. Gotta say as I’ve dug deeper into the
    health care act it’s actually quite reasonable, if you can’t “afford” it,
    it’s on par with what you’d pay salaried if not less and takes a lot of
    stress off of the worries of daily life. I’m signing up likely right
    before I process my taxes haha. 

  10. the thing is you go to the entertainment section, there’s a lot of news
    reporting channels where there are actually people concerned about
    problems, on these entertainment channels people don’t come to hear about
    reforms, gun control and other national problems ( including the said
    health care) they come for ENTERTAINMENT (or something to be amused about),
    a good laugh. These entertainment channels only have 13-17 years olds and
    careless people (maybe i went too far, no care).
    Just my opinion but i think obama aimed at the wrong crowd

  11. Of course, the Democrats using social media extravaganzas to influence the
    young people. The only reason all of you YouTube’ers decided to get
    coverage was because you could afford it. Its a real shame that you guys
    gave into the influence.

  12. Americans, or Christians and Jews in general, with other unbelievers, have
    no obvious argument against Islam. You only have a tongue, it is your
    greatest quality and tactics…

  13. Obama’s approval rating is now in the 30s.

    I guess he won’t be happy until it’s in the 20s.

    Repeal the law, and stop getting these stupid “celebrity” endorsements.

  14. Free healthcare….. THANKS OBAMA ( like if you get it which you probably
    won’t but that’s fine i know what it means and that’s all that matters
    cause i love myself and i love how i am and if you don’t i don’t care! I am
    me and i will love myself forever <3!!!! )

  15. This video was great I’m just having an issue with all negative comment say
    that Obama ruined our country.
    So I decide to put some fact here.
    When George Bush was president he was on vacation 95% of the time and he
    also knew about 9/11 before it happened and still did nothing in stead he
    went to a golf tournament. So no Obama didn’t ruin this country the lazy
    ass before Obama did.
    Don’t bother leavening me negative comment because there not worth my time
    to read them.

  16. people say shit about Obama but at least he is trying to deal with shit.
    George Bush fucked a lot of stuff up and didn’t even try to make it better.
    Obama may be making some not so good choices but at least he is trying to
    apologise for it by reaching out to lots of different people

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