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Zombie foreclosures claw higher in 10 states


Zombie foreclosures claw higher in 10 states, Even as the U.S. housing market healed as a whole, zombie foreclosures clawed their way higher in 10 states over the past year, creating a swath of lingering eyesores and unresolved financial turmoil, according to data released Thursday.

Nationally, the number of zombie properties — homes that have started, but not completed, the foreclosure process and have been vacated by the owners — dropped to about 141,000 in the second quarter, down 16% from the year-earlier period, according to RealtyTrac, an online foreclosure marketplace. But 10 states saw zombie properties climb higher over the past year.

These aren’t the trudging monsters that are lucky to stumble into a mouthful of brains. Rather, zombie foreclosures sprang up 58% over the past year in New Jersey, 56% in Delaware, and 21% in Maryland.

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